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Funky Faces Meets Friends by Rene Reiche

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Realizzare fantastici trucchi in viso, una guida passo-passo con creazioni sorprendenti

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COD: lib-012 Categoria:


 René Reiche

Realizzare fantastici trucchi in viso con una guida passo-passo professionale realizzata da 27 artisti provenienti da 4 nazioni diverse. In questo bellissimo volume cartonato ci mostrano come ottenere 54 creazioni sorprendenti, libro in lingua inglese e tedesco strutturato in vari livelli di difficoltà ma facilmente consultabile da tutti in quanto da predominanza alle foto step by step dei vari passaggi.

– 120 pagime
– Cartonato
– Foto grandi a colori affiancate da foto step by step per ogni trucco



Having already created four excellent books in the Funky Faces series, René Reiche is no stranger to face painting guides. But what sets this latest book apart from the rest is the way in which it was created.

René gathered 27 artists from four different countries together in Germany for a weekend of face painting with the aim of printing the result. Each artist painted four different designs: two with step-by-step instructions and another two to further share their talent and creativity.   

The 54 step-by-steps range from the cutest bronze-coloured bunny and fun kissing fish to gruesome eye scars and a horned dragon. Some designs are full face while others are incredibly dainty and elegant paintings on just one side of the face or cheek. They vary in difficulty but the steps are so clear that painters of any level should feel confident about giving them a go.

 The introduction and artist information are in both English and German but what is really ingenious is the way in which the step-by-step instructions are done. Instead of using words, the book uses symbols for using a sponge, brush, powder, glitter and different colours. It is really easy to understand and there are two pages covering what kind of materials and props are needed to create all the designs. 

One of the previous Funky Faces guides – Creative Face Painting: Instruction and Inspiration – has been translated into English and is described by Illusion’s editor Claire as “one of the best face painting books ever”. René’s latest offering could be a new contender for that title.

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